Karin Herzog Oxygenated Skin Care Products

Karin Herzog skin care products work by naturally increasing skin oxygen levels. For skin to function optimally, it needs an adequate oxygen supply. Oxygen is a natural component of healthy skin. It is essential for proper skin hydration, detoxification and nourishment. It provides cells with the energy and water they need to rebuild the collagen and elastin fibers that are an essential component of smooth, supple skin.

As we age, skin oxygen levels diminish. By the age of 25, there can already be a 40 percent reduction in skin oxygen. As the oxygen continues to diminish, skin cells are no longer able to synthesize collagen, and premature aging can occur. Impaired cell renewal gives skin a lifeless, rough and dull appearance along with an increase in blemishes and pigmentation. Because the skin can no longer repair and regenerate itself, it becomes even more vulnerable to aging.

Patented Karin Herzog oxygenated skin care products are made with stabilized active oxygen. They turbocharge the skin by delivering essential nourishment and nutrients to the epidermis. This nourishes the deeper cells that produce collagen and transforms the skin from the inside out. Karin Herzog creams for sensitive skin are especially gentle and highly effective in healing surgical scars. When you buy Karin Herzog products, you'll be treated to exclusive and high-end formulations that are made by the world leader in oxygen-based skin care.

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