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After 10 years of rigorous experimentation, Nobel Honoree Dr. Paul Herzog discovered the secret of miracle skin care in his lab in Switzerland.

Inspired by the organic hydrating and antiseptic powers of oxygen, he developed a formula that stabilizes active oxygen in a cream.

No one before or since has ever emulated this success and the patented formula is only known to the Herzog family to this day.

He worked with his wife, acclaimed esthetician, Karin, to conceive a range of luxury miracle, high-performance, age-fighting and skin-healing creams. Dr. Herzog named the line Karin Herzog in honor of his beloved wife.

Our secret of miracle skin care has passed along the generations ever since.

In the true family tradition, Today, Dr. Paul and Karin's daughter, Noelle, and her husband, Donato, are passionately continuing the Karin Herzog story. All of our favorite miracle formulas and new anti-aging innovations are still make in the Swiss lab, where our team of experts are committed to helping women everywhere rediscover youthful, crystal clear skin.