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Karin Herzog Luxurious Body Creams

Keeping the body smooth and free of flaking skin, rough spots, breakouts and blemishes is what Karin Herzog body creams are all about. Whether you need a deep, penetrating and intensive body balm for rough skin, a rich emollient for hands or a light, all-natural body moisturizer for everyday use, Karin Herzog oxygenated body creams deliver results you will love.

Karin Herzog body treatment formulations contain all-natural ingredients like avocado, thyme, lavender and other natural oils that smell fresh and leave no greasy residue. One of the best qualities of these rich and luxurious body treatments is that a little goes a long way. You only need a little bit of product to get amazing results, and although you'll be tempted to apply more than directed, you'll find that it's really not necessary. If you've been searching for a really great body cream for sale online that goes way beyond the rest, congratulations. You're in the right place.

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Our Price: $25.00
Hand & Nail Hand & Nail

Highly effective anti-aging and hydrating hand cream with 2% active oxygen.  1.7oz.

Our Price: $34.00
Oxygen Body 1% Oxygen Body 1%

Deep hydration and gentle exfoliation
in one body treatment.

Our Price: $55.00
Oxygen Body 3% Oxygen Body 3%

Powerful body moisturizer with 3%
active oxygen to hydrate, heal and tone.

Our Price: $55.00
TONUS B12 Toning & Firming Cream TONUS B12 Toning & Firming Cream

Energizing body cream to tone the skin and stimulate the circulation to disperse fatty deposits.

Our Price: $55.00
Silhouette Silhouette

A caffeine-free anti-cellulite body emulsion with oxygen.

Our Price: $55.00
Dynamic Duo Dynamic Duo

Fight Cellulite and firm your skin with the Dynamic Duo.

Our Price: $123.00