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Chocolate! Lip Balm
Chocolate! Lip Balm

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Chocolate! Lip Balm: Karin Herzog Flavored Lip Balm

This chocolate lip gloss features high-quality cacao, which naturally contains numerous antioxidants that protect lips from environmental toxins. With a particularly sweet taste, the Swiss chocolate lip balm also uses vitamin E to give the lips a shine that can substantially decrease inflammation.

Enhancing Blood Flow

Several studies have indicated that topical cacao is able to significantly increase the level of blood that reaches the dermis and may improve the oxygenation of the skin. Increased blood flow allows extra vitamins to reach the skin cells and may cause the lips to become fuller.

Protecting the Skin

Karin Herzog chocolate lip balm provides petrolatum, which prevents lips from becoming chapped. The compound can also augment the duration of the product's effects by forming a barrier of moisture that holds the other ingredients in place.

The Effects of Glycerin

The chocolate flavored lip balm contains glycerin, which consists of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. This ingredient is able to cleanse the skin and help the skin cells retain moisture. Furthermore, glycerin can decrease the appearance of fine lines and boost the suppleness of the lips.